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A recent study has shown that  knee arthritis is about 50% less common within the running population compared to non runners. Surprised?

Also another study found running was not associated with worsening pain or x-ray findings in runners with Arthritis. R...

The Physio should actively listen and show interest in your story.

Show empathy and understanding

Offer a diagnosis and straight-forward explanation of your issue

Allow and encourage questions

Reassure you

Involve you in the decision making with regard treatment plan, that...

Make sense of back pain……….

Negative beliefs about low back pain (LBP) are common with  - 

50% of the general population believing back pain = that the back is damaged.

Around 90% percent believe that ignoring pain can damage the back

70% of people believe there is on...

40-year-old triathlete reporting 4-year history of intermittent right calf pain while running. Previous treatment included stretches, acupuncture and massage which helped in the shorts term only. Very frustrated.  Spine & Sports Assessment showed decrease right soleus...

A recent client whom I treated who had had a recent consultation with another therapist and advised that  her pain due to her “scoliosis” (an s or c shaped sideways curvature in the spine) and advised that she would need months and months of treatment at great cost. Th...

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