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My Goals are to provide......


1) A passionate patient centered Physiotherapy service with a strong research based focus and on injury prevention.  


2) Illustration of your home exercises programme. 


3) Support via email to clients in-between sessions to further aid recovery.  


4) Education regarding your condition and how you can help yourself.


5) A Welsh speaking Private Physiotherapy service in Carmarthen.

6) A comprehensive Musculskeletal service (see conditions)

7) Correspondence to appropriate people associated with your care such as GP or Consultant.


8) The appropriate amount of treatment so you are Not to be over treated *


*Statistics compiled by a large private Health provider in 2011 of 57,000 physiotherapy patients found that 76.6% of cases were treated and discharged with a positive post treatment outcome with an average of five sessions.

What to expect at my first Physio appointment?

You will undertake a full and comprehensive history and physical examination to decide what is contributing to your pain and limitation. We will then discuss the findings and offer education regarding the diagnosis. This will allow us to plan for your recovery.  You will also be issued with home exercise and appropriate hands on treatment during this consultation. Please feel free to be accompanied by a chaperone if you so wish.

What shall I bring to my appointment?

Any correspondance from GP or Consultant including x-ray or MRI results. 

What should I wear?

Men should bring shorts while women should bring both shorts and a vest top.

How long will the appointments last?

Please allow 60 minutes for the initial consultation including treatment and advice. Follow up appointments will be 30 minutes in duration.

How much will it cost?

The initial assessment will be £60 and follow up will be £40. Payment will be taken after the session on the day. Cash, Bank transfers or cheques are acceptable. 

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